Breed your cows to Drag Iron free!!!

Often the profit in TL cattle investments is the next calf -- the correct mating.

Drag Iron -- 83.75" semen $75

Here's the deal:  On the DCC ranch site under inventory, nearly 3 dozen registered TL pairs are available for purchase.  They are cows with calves included at side and being rebred to some of the top sires in the industry including Drag Iron, Clear Win, Rodeo Max, Annex, Lots of Flair, Top Hand, Clear Point and Juma. When pairs are purchased from DCC they can remain with the same bull for continuing courtship through the 2014 Summer.  Breeding is FREE!  The only cost is a $2 per day board fee.  This lets you buy one pair and have a 3 in 1 package soon after.

This is a competitive business.  We offer pay-out terms, full care boarding, no commission fees, and free use of great herd sires. (Don't ask the auctioneer to provide these personal services when you attend the next auction.)  He won't, and can't offer this special deal.

In the past this service has successfully been used by Doug Hunt (18 cows), Kathy Kittler, Alex Dees, the Indiana Jones, Jim Hix, Mike Tomey, Robert Snyder, Joe Dowling, Brian Brett, and lots of good people.

To do it:  Select the cattle you want, call and make a deal.  740 758 5050  Darol