Graphic Messages - 2-19

GMs are the new and expanding "image/thought" at-a-glance, subliminal messaging method of our day, so why not use it for TL promo? DCC is sending these out daily and weekly for Texas Longhorn producers to forward with their planned individual marketing efforts. There will be 35 designed over a 60 day period. Some you will love, and some not as much. Just save or delete and DCC will keep sending more. It is not about how many ads each producer can afford, it is about what each individual does to promo 'outside the sack.' The choir has been "promoted." The only new frontier of promotion is outsiders. This is an effort that DCC finances and forwards to all TL people at no charge, to assist in marketing, and in turn help everyone expand the TL value base.

Five new GMs will be released weekly. When the thrust is completed a special section of the ranch site will be dedicated to the total GM collection for future use.

These "graphic messages" have been provided for Texas Longhorn education. Each one can be attached, posted on face book, or easily drag them on outgoing email. It is all about promotion. This is a continuing project of DCC to assist you in marketing Texas Longhorn cattle and promoting a Western ranching lifestyle. Feel free to use for your personal profit. Profit is good. Darol

Dad, what is a day off??
Forward if you would rather be on a Texas Longhorn Ranch than in the city
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