I am Rodeo Max ST

Rodeo Max - Full Service Sire

I am a full service Texas Longhorn bull. My dad Maximus is well known in our family. I was born in Nebraska, served in Oregon, then worked down in Texas and now I live in Ohio. My semen is available in New Zealand, Australia, and the USA. Sometimes people come to the ranch to see World Horn Champions in the paddocks next to me Drag Iron, Clear Win, and Clear Point, but they don't remember that I also won 5 World Bronze in the world's toughest horn competition deep in the heart of Texas.

Rodeo Max 84 inches Tip To Tip

My horn spread is 84.5" T2T. I realize as hard as I try, that is what they are. I know Clear Win and Drag Iron are just a milli-whacky over me. Beyond that, only 4 other living bulls (Arrowheadcattlecompany.com) surpass my data. I have other virtues including a dark seal brown color which works great on the lighter or mostly white cows. If good Longhorn people like the dark shiny colors I can help with that -- I am a perfectionist at it.

Rodeo Max Winter Retreat

Right now I am in my nice "bull suite" for the winter. There will be more calves born next spring, that I am father of, than any year of my life -- this is exciting. I am well liked here and the food is the best. However, one thing saddens me. My semen only sells for $35. While all of the bulls with slightly more horn than my 84.5" sell for much more money, to add insult to injury, hundreds of bulls with less horn also are priced higher than me. It appears that I am cheap, but that is not true! Fact is, my owners are offering these little parts of me at such a low price ($35) that every entry level producer can easily use me on a lot of cows without looting Ferguson for the money. I am valuable and I am not expensive. All I ask.... just think a minute....... if you can't buy semen on a bull with my record horn for $35, for the sake of high-water and motherhood, don't buy less horn for more money! How hard is that?

Call DCC 740 758 5050 for semen orders. Save money by purchasing semen on several different bulls and ship it all in one shipment.

GIFT IDEA!! - Give semen from great sires for Christmas gifts. It is for the person who thought they had everything.