Marketing Booklets Available

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER-- Two publications are now available for Texas Longhorn producers to fine tune their business plan. It isn't fun to march into unknown jungles; use the experience of those who have gone before and profit from the mistakes and success of others.

PROFITING FROM RAISING TEXAS LONGHORN CATTLE was first printed by ITLA in 2007. It is 29 pages containing 8 chapters all about marketing. Chapters are written by experienced people Charlene Semkin, Diana Miltimore, Stan Searle, Larry P Smith II, and Darol Dickinson.

It details generating sales, profiting from print, developing a marketing plan, customer files, the 3 profit plans, and how Texas Longhorns can be more profitable than other breeds.  The reader will have enough technique to be very successful if only a few of the ideas are implemented.


RAISING TEXAS LONGHORNS AS A BUSINESS was first printed as a 5 part series by the TLBAA TRAILS during the Spring of 2014. The 5 part continued drafts were commissioned by the TLBAA CEO to outline all the steps necessary to successfully start, grow, profit from and expand the lean-beef Texas Longhorn retail meat business.

It details the world meat industry, now it works and how it has failed. It provides instructions for starting a retail instead of wholesale business. How to expand and develop market share. Evaluating inventory for real retail meat sales value. By-products and how to make extra profit.
It is 23 pages containing all 5 articles.

Each book is $8 plus $2 for postage.  Order both books, postage paid; send $15 to Longhorns Head To Tail Store, 35000 Muskrat, Barnesville, OH 43713

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