New Tour Season - 2014

Head To Tail Longhorn Tours of Dickinson Cattle Co.

LONGHORNS HEAD TO TAIL TOURS of Dickinson Cattle Co Inc, Barnesvillle, Ohio USA, is gearing up for the 2014 tour season. Although all tours are provided in the comfort of a well trained ranch bus, it is not unusual to meet a Texas Longhorn trail herd coming right down the middle of Muskrat road. Here, Texas Longhorns have the right of way.

It might be a herd of 200 or 500 head -- that is normal for the largest registered Texas Longhorn ranch east of the Pacific.

This is not just another Midwest cow-farm, this is the real deal. Tours have been staged for groups of up to 400 guests per day, even with western style catered meals provided. (New Barbecue Beef Ribs Special) This entertaining destination starts the 14th year of fully narrated tours spring of 2014.

Just because guests saw a milk cow, a dog or cat somewhere, sometime, this is different. Three unique breeds are carefully produced on the ranch. Guests will not only see, and hand feed -- up close and personal, African Watusi, Dutch Buelingo and Texas Longhorns.

Now the cattle that guests see aren't just the cactus eating, desert surviving, hang-your-hat-on-the-hip-bone types found in the back pastures of Texas. These are many times World Champions.

Seven World Championship Bronze trophies are guarded by ranch owners Joel and Chad Dickinson. These were just rescued from foul hands at the annual 2013 World TLMA Championship at the Cox Center, Oklahoma City, OK. As guests tour the pastures, don't be shocked when a World Champion casually walks up to the bus and wants to be hand fed. These aren't back alley cattle, and this experience will be the highlight of any professionally planned tour.

Check out www.longhorntours.comPlan to drop by and do the 75 minute tour and visit the new Longhorn Store. It's new and improved. Call for appointments and group meals at 740 758 5050. Make reservations now before this is pulled from the internet.

Head To Tail Longhorn Tours of Dickinson Cattle Co.