Ohio River Valley Texas Longhorn Association Show - 2014


We know you are busy all Summer filling out government forms, so Ohio River Valley Texas Longhorn Assn president Tim Mills announces you can get your entries in for the July 19 show up until July 14. Now don't think it wouldn't help Tim's helpful staff (3 grand kids and a dog) to get them in a little earlier.

Also to keep up with the "Cow Patty Bingo" the "meetings with great food" the "well planned field days" and all the educational events -- join and be a member. See application attached -- fill it out -- and send it in now. You will be happy about doing the right thing.

Join ORVTLA. Pass up the memberships to Wheel Chair Bowling, Failed Suicide Bombers League, Senior Soccer Moms, Bikini Snow Skiers of Florida, Overweight Jockeys, and the Fraternity of Doctors who have cut up Bob Snyder. Do not join those associations -- join ORVTLA. It is the right thing to do.

Come to the show and see a real professional judge evaluating some great cattle on July 19.

Read the attached info and make plans. Enter your best critters. Make motel reservations. Bathe the grand kids. Your cattle will thank you for it.

ORVTLA President Tim Mills, may or may not approve of this message. (He is still a better President than anyone east of the Potomac.) -DD

Download Show Packet: Click here

Registration Application: Click here