Ohio River Valley Texas Longhorn Association Show - 2014

The Ohio Texas Longhorn Show entries close July 14. The Show is July 19.

This is the great Ohio Texas Longhorn event. It is about great cattle -- great cattle people, and something you don't want to miss.

People are serious at this show. Why does everyone want to win so bad???

The lovely Gail Beach is always a star performer.

Here is the info on everything below..........

JULY 19, 2014

You have time, but time is quickly coming up to attend and compete in the ORVTLA annual show. It is the biggest Texas Longhorn event in the cattle industry, for the state of Ohio, of the year. Attached is the full show info, motels, entry info, the whole enchilada.

  • The ORVTLA is for Ohio Texas Longhorn producers and those in joining states. To join ORVTLA is a good thing for promotion of your cattle and the breed.
  • Many who compete have never attended a TL show before. Even though you may think you aren't experienced, others will be just like you -- or worse.
  • To be in the TL business and miss this show is like Obama playing golf and forgetting his clubs, or Bo, or Biden.
  • No angus cattle will be competing so it will be safe for spectators -- no one will get hurt.
  • Attendance is free for all, even freshly released parking meter violators.
  • Food, kids, dogs, relatives, Texas Longhorns, (dirt for kids to play in) free parking, and even a real western bovine bingo where thousands of dollars in value is up for grabs.

Read the attached info and make plans. Enter your best critters. Make motel reservations. Bathe the grand kids. Your cattle will thank you for it. DD

Download Show Packet: Click here