Rodeo Max

Rodeo Max

RODEO MAX ST is a new flavor for the herd at DCC. This rich dark tri-color bull is a son of well-known Maximus by Grand Slam.

With a detailed look at his long star-filled pedigree you will find Senator, Gunman, Bail Jumper, Royal Spice, Ghost, Texas Ranger, Measles, Impressive, Roundup, Dakota Kid, Measles Super Ranger, Conquistador, Blue Blizzard and White Rock General. RODEO MAX ST is the 8th widest tip to tip, living, officially measured TL bull.

He is a whooooping 83-1/2". To pinch hit in the DCC herd he has been natural service bred to cows with heavy beef conformation that are on the "whiter" side of desirable color. He is one of the few TL sires over 80" who is a dark dominant near-black color; this works great on families of TL cattle heavy in the white color. He is TLBAA Horn Showcase winner of two Bronze for Tip To Tip, two Bronze for Composite and one Bronze for Total Horn.

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Rodeo Max ST is the Man.

Currently over 80% of the very popular promoted bulls are over 80% white. The industry is searching for alternatives to move away from the white color and embrace darker more valuable colors, yet without the loss of horn.

RODEO MAX ST - 83-1/2" T2T

Semen, $35. He is now the affordable and most economical of the over 80" prominent sires. Insist on "one owner" professionally laboratory processed, 100% health tested semen.

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Rodeo Max