Selecting the perfect semen sire(s) for 2015.

All Texas Longhorn producers have lofty ideas of what they want in the next calf crop. There are certain things needed to correct the herd, certain virtues to add, and some flaws to eliminate.  Most people agree on wide horn, some want a lot of twist, some want superior composite horn data, some want larger base, some fast beef gain and others love the variety of confetti colors that can also come with certain bulls. 

Seldom can one herd sire provide the right mating for every different type cow.  This is where individual selection using AI can increase the odds of a higher valued, well planned mating program.

Here is a recommended method to make a well calculated decision. 

1) Write down a list of the virtues you want.  Give the bulls being considered a score of 1 to 10 on each trait. Select bulls that score 10 or as close as possible -- to as many traits as possible. Always avoid single factor bulls as the opportunity of multiple qualities are more difficult.

Wide Horn _____________________
Rapid beef gain _____________________
Confetti value colors _____________________
Twisty horn _____________________
High Composite data _____________________
Large horn base _____________________

2) If weights and measurements of advertised bulls are not published from semen peddlers, that would be considered a negative.

3) Price of semen should be compared to virtues of your scoring system.  Some bulls are priced very high  to minimize progeny.  Some bulls are priced low, to encourage a lot of calves, to help prove a sire.

4) AI allows multiple choices to carefully plan every mating. The DCC semen inventory provides historic foundation sires, 18 sires over a ton, World Champion horn T2T sires, the largest base circumferences ever measured, breed leaders of composite calculations, and great color selections for every taste.

For a list of 58 semen sires with complete data check the Dickinson Cattle Co semen order form at

It is now time to make careful investments of semen on quality bulls for the 2015 season.  Stay on the cutting edge of the industry. For info call 740 758 5050.