Young Bulls

The greatest Texas Longhorn bulls in history are here -- now. No one is certain which ones are going to be breed leaders, but they are walking around pastures at this minute. The purchase of a young bull is a risk to the seller and the buyer. But not a high dollar risk on the young ones.

Rodeo Max - Full Service Sire

The one year old bull Shadowizm was priced at DCC for $1500 and no one bought him. He later sired Jamakizm and a whole world of brindle, large bodied, big horned cattle evolved. From this photo of Shadowizm, a $1500 investment would have yielded great profits.

Rodeo Max 84 inches Tip To Tip

Super Bowl was sold by DCC for $1400 at weaning. Neither buyer or seller could tell at this age what he would do. Then, no one knew he would be the 3rd leading sire of over 60" 70" and 80" sons.

Rodeo Max Winter Retreat

Today there are 64 bulls born in 2014 in the bull growing pasture at DCC. They are being weighed, halter broke, dispositions evaluated, measured and eye-ball watched daily. Several of these will be lean meat volunteers who don't measure up, but about 35 will be used by either DCC or clients for herd improvement. Again no one can be for sure of their final siring ability or mature development. Therefore, they are priced economical.

Check out the ranch site and make a selection. They are hairy, young and all in Winter condition, but some great ones are being offered. See the ranch inventory offered at

Select a son of Clear Win, Drag Iron, Rodeo Max, Winchester, Annex, Jamakizm, Over Kill or Plumb Line. To see detailed data on these sires: Click Here Call 740 758 5050 for an early pick.