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The mortal enemy of long horns and moving legs is vertical parallel openings in heavy use areas of cattle work. When vertical spacings connect with horizontally moving livestock, it may not be a pretty thing.

To solve unsafe design problems consider BRY Crowding Panels. BRY is Hi Tensile steel, 14 ga. 1-3/4" square tubing. (Hi Tensile steel is 65% stronger than mild steel which is used by most panel manufacturers. Square tubing is 47% stronger than round tubing.) Panels are 8', 10', or 12' long and 52" tall. When installed 12" above ground the full height can be 64." The Bry has pre-drilled bolt holes for permanent post attachment using 3/8" bolts or screw-in lag bolts. The BRY Crowding Panels provide a smooth horizontal flow of all types of cattle with no vertical parallels to cause appendage hang-ups or breakage. The horizontal design makes the BRY safer for all polled or horned cattle during crowding. The BRY can resist large amounts of stress from rough stock. The optional smooth-turning BRY 180 degree hinge can be welded to steel or bolted to strong wooden posts. The new 3000 lb test design, 1" bolt latch may be attached up, down, or either side, at any height convenient, or even totally removed. The BRY Crowding Panel is a completely welded unit that is virtually indestructible.

BRY Crowding Panels eliminate the vertical "traps" that cause over 96% of livestock handling accidents; not just damage to cattle, but handlers who reach through tight verticals for vaccinations and health care procedures.

BRY Crowding Panel design also makes the flow of all cattle breeds safer when being squeezed, loaded or confined into an area they may fear. This is not an imported "beer can" thin panel that can be carried under one arm. It is portable, but more likely a permanent installation for maximum stability.

All BRY products are dip coated burgundy with all exposed inside and outside surfaces coated. When tired of light weight corral panels, demand the built-stronger, to last longer BRY SYSTEM. For recommended designs and ordering information contact or call DCC Equipment, 740 758 5050

Caption: The new safer BRY Crowding Panels are now available. They are designed as a stronger fence system where crowding and stress require permanent stability. BRY Crowding panels eliminate vertical parallels, the cause for over 96% of broken horns, legs and human injury.

DCC Equipment
35000 Muskrat
Barnesville, Ohio 43713
740 758-5050