Fillet Of Horn

Fillet Of Horn

by Darol Dickinson

Fillet Of Horn
A fillet is the best tasting, most memorable, and enjoyable part of the horn. Now, some say you can't eat a horn sandwich, and others say they've done it. Some like'em with Tabasco, and others like to eat'em with jalapeños. No matter what your taste, you'll find this book to be spicy, enjoyable, and satisfying. The reader is about to digest a treat he has never before tasted.

Fillet Of Horn stampedes from Colorado to Poland, Ohio, Canada, Africa, Holland, Texas, and the Philippines. This nonfiction account of escapades, ranch business, Texas Longhorn trading, stolen cattle losses and repossessions, will take the reader part-way into the old West, but not far enough from civilization that he can't find his way back home at night.

Along this Texas Longhorn trail, you will bump into folks who will surprise the horns off ya. Watch for Robert Mitchum, P. T. Barnum, Elizabeth Taylor, Andre the Giant, John Wayne Bobbitt, Red McCombs, Malcolm Forbes, Barry Goldwater, Ben K Green, Col. Oliver North, Rob Reiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hulk Hogan, Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, Elizabeth Vargas, Richard Farnsworth, The Sultan of Brunei, Hoss Cartwright, and Congressman Joel Hefley. Somehow, they manage to co-mingle through the chapters of this book to play a unique role.

These jam-packed, thirty two chapters are guaranteed to take you places you can't get to from where you are. You will have to mosey down these cattle trails, smell the bull dust, watch for the distant patrol car, and spend some time under the drawbridge to really get the feel of it. Don't be afraid. You are a safe distance from the branding fire even though a little singed hair never killed anyone. Take a chance.

If you are a speed-reader, this isn't the book for you. You can't fly through it like a bull that's been shot from a circus canon and still catch the nutrition as it goes by. Take it slowly. Treat FILLET OF HORN like a wonderful homemade mincemeat pie. Take small bites, chew slowly, and savor the flavor of real horn. Don't gulp! Make it last a week or so. Once you own the book, just enjoy!!!

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