Life After Drag Iron

Drag Iron

Drag Iron brought great genetic strength to the Dickinson Cattle Co herd with easy to sell bright brindles, tall heavy cattle, easy dispositions, correct conformation and excellent retaining demand (people want to keep Drag Iron progeny instead of quickly selling them). Last month Drag Iron was purchased by Glendenning Farms of Celina, Texas. He is at GF now. When he left DCC there were 73 of his daughters in the herd, full sisters, full brothers, great flashy colored sons and semen to assure future new progeny. Now, what happens after Drag Iron is gone?

Clear Win
Clear Win is at DCC to keep great things going. He just measured 86" T2T and pushes a scales down nearly a ton. His proven siring ability is not just an "ad" it is a fact. He sires a little more horn base, strong straight backs, thick full hips and a finely chiseled head of symmetry and beauty. He also doesn't have the "hangey down" neck skin so he is not confused with a water buffalo.

Drag A Mile
Drag A Mile would love to fill his famous sire's hooves with a large DCC cow herd. He is only age 2 and developing in all the right directions. He is beyond complete. He is dark value-rich colored. He is long as a campaign promise, tiny ears and packing lean meat beyond most bulls in the breed. If you like this Drag Iron son you will like DCC life after Drag Iron.

Jet Black Chex
Jet Black Chex is the new "white-fixer" at DCC. It is a constant battle in the TL breed to minimize white and dish water colored cattle. That is the job of this Rio Grande son. He is blacker than Michelle Obumma's soil in the Rose Garden. He is just a frog hair under 80" and is expected to add value dark colors to the DCC herd. He is asked to be a specialists.

Tibbs is a low horned, dark speckled brindle and the most consistent sire of brindle at DCC. He sires awesome steers, colorful bulls and cows that will eat your heart out. His thick body and trim underline makes him very appropriate on DCC solid red and black cows. He also does a number on high horned cows. Each of the bulls above does a special thing and will be used on a selected cow group that welcomes their unique corrections.

There will be life after Drag Iron -- a different life. But just in case, in 2016, a good number of cows will be AI bred to DI just to keep those special stylish types coming. Brindle lives matter.