Plumb Line moving to Texas

Plumb Line

In just a few hours a long silver trailer will back up to the main headquarters of Rocking O Ranch at Lockhart, Texas and out will step the beautiful black splotchity bull Plumb Line. He will set foot on Texas soil and start his contribution of fancy genetics. The main office of Rocking O is Austin, but the herd rolls in Texas Blue Bonnets near Lockhart.

It has been a joy to provide Curtis and Ross Ohlendorf herd sires for many years. In fact the famous bull Capone was purchased from Dickinson Cattle Co, by Ohlendorfs in 2002 for a bargain price of $1900. Capone was by Shadowizm, this was before Shadowizm's other son Jamakizm came along. About the same time Curtis bought Winner's Edge by Winchester. This set the stamp for the Rocking O to start the foundation of solid, beef type cattle with strong appealing colors. Since the early 2000s several sires used by Rocking O are sons of the better DCC sires.

Plumb Line sires like Over Kill his sire, and like his grand sire Unlimited. You can see this on his progeny. He consistently sires big show quality heifers with black crazy colors personified. Rocking O will profit from the black speckled faced calves that Longhorn lovers will quickly buy before weaning time - that is the right kind. The right kind is what people want - before weaning.

We congratulate Rocking "Fast Ball" O on their private purchase and wish them well in every way.