Longhorn Semen Sires

Clear PointClear Point Is Easy -- he is the new kid on the block who just turned 31 months and already 79.25" T2T. His 80" day will be coming up next month. He set a historic horn base record at the TLMA Expo of 21.75." and a 2 year old composite record of 211.5." He is not only a triple horn champion, but a double-triple, winning 6 bronze. Semen $75.

Drag IronDrag Iron Is Easy -- he is the easy choice for investors who love the high selling brindles with the low flat horn. His sweeping twisted 84 5/8" T2T, his 220.93" composite (3rd best in the nation of all ages) thick muscle and kind disposition make semen purchases from Drag Iron an easy call. His triple horn champion wins are undisputed. Semen $100

Clear WinClear Win Is Easy -- he is the easy choice for those investing in Texas Longhorn genetics who want to get all the good stuff. He offers a current 85.5" T2T, with a 20 1/16" base and composite of 219.05." His long thick beef conformation is obvious even in a casual pose. Notice the trimness, the length and all that muscle. He is a triple bronze horn champion. It is time to make the easy choice and get the total bull. Semen $100

Clear Win Over Kill Is Easy -- he is the easy choice for those who want to move away from white colors or plain dish water reds. Over Kill will move the value color up with 70% pure blacks carefully placing some white decor trim. He is the only source in the industry for 80" T2T, over 2100 lb beef conformation and black genetics. Carefully observe his low twisty horn, his nearly 10' long body and color blacker than a burnt Ferguson police car. Semen $75.

Before you invest important funds for semen, take a long cold look at DCC sires. If one of these 4 isn't perfect for your cows, check all the semen sires listed on the ranch site at www.texaslonghorn.com. Mix and match any of 58 great sires in one semen shipment --save freight/shipping costs.