New 2018 Texas Longhorn Celebrity Calendar

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October 1, 2016

   Texas Longhorn Celebrity Calendar 
   35000 Muskrat
   Barnesville, Ohio 43713 USA
   Kirk Dickinson
   740 758 5050 

The 2017 Texas Longhorn Celebrity Calendar featuring colorful ranch scenes and portraits of famous Longhorns is now ready for Christmas gifts well before the New Year. The new (printed in the USA) collector’s edition features 15 graphics selected from ranches in Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon, Missouri, Virginia, and Colorado. Internationally famous cattle such as Cleat, Tuff Stuff, Drag Iron, Rio Grande Chex, Clear Point, Awesome Nova, John 14:21, Draw Me Over and Iron Titan elegantly decorate each calendar month. These are some of the most valuable, huge horned exhibition quality cattle in the nation.

This splendid full color laminated calendar easily encourages every wanna-be cowboy or cowgirl to plan for the day they also can have their own colorful Texas Longhorn herd. The popularity of lean, high omega 3 beef, and the Texas Longhorn breed has caused increased value for breeders of this rugged bovine.

Cattle admirers will cherish this collection of hand-picked Texas Longhorn graphics which will be perfect for framing or decoupage at year’s end. The 2017 cover photo was captured on famous Muskrat Road of the Clear Point Texas Longhorn cow herd of Dickinson Cattle Co.

For 38 years this cattle lover’s calendar has been produced and distributed world wide. The calendar is a large 13” X 20” open, wall size. Past editions have been recipients of Award of Merit and World Calendar awards. For ordering information, TLCC, 35000 Muskrat, Barnesville, Ohio, 43713 USA or Enjoy!

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2019 Texas Longhorn Celebrity Calendar Cover

Caption: The 38th annual edition of the Texas Longhorn Celebrity Calendar sought-out 15 colorful graphics for the 2017 publication. The featured cover shot was captured on Muskrat Road near Barnesville, Ohio, of the Clear Point Texas Longhorn cow herd at Dickinson Cattle Co. LLC.

Collector's Edition calendars are valued at $12 each from TLCC,35000 Muskrat Pike, Barnesville, Ohio 43713 USA

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