Bulls Tip To Tip

The BULLS TIP TO TIP data from the Longhorn World Championship just came out in the new issue of TLJ. As people plan their breeding programs for 2016 there are many revealing statistics of a profitable nature to be gleaned. (See T2T data attached)

It is an easy call that Cowboy Tuff Chex wins Division V with a whopping 98 5/16" T2T. Anyone would be crazy to enter their bull in the Div. V competition, but, crazy or not, Dickinson Cattle Co entered Clear Win, who came in with 86.5" T2T, and placed second. His semen is only $100.

Other bulls bred or owned by Dickinson Cattle Co who took home the big bronze included Kill Kindly, Rodeo Max and Clear Point. In order to evaluate all this data and place things in digestible order...... here are some factoids.

Rodeo Max, competing in the older bull division winning the bronze with 85" T2T, has semen available for only $35 per straw from DCC. For those selecting AI sires for the up coming breeding season, Rodeo Max is the easy choice for ample horn and rich seal brown dark colors. No other bull with this much horn is priced this easy to buy. Don't buy semen on a bull with under 85" for more than $35.

Clear Point, officially measured a dead tie with his sire Clear Win at 86.5." However, Clear Point is 3 years younger than his sire and currently measures 87" just 3 months later. Clear Point is now the 3rd widest T2T of the 80" bulls and the youngest of the top 10 widest horned bulls. Wide is good, but young and wide is far superior.

Clear Point was a 6 time bronze winner in 2014 when the Complete Horn Awards were presented. His horn base (21.75") was the largest ever measured officially and will be the largest of all times as the Complete category was eliminated. If tiny base and short T2T horn is a problem, Clear Point is the "fixer." Clear Point semen is only $100 per straw. He can move a herd forward.

Please note, of the entire measuring contest only one bull had more horn than Clear Point.

As semen purchase decisions are being planned for 2016 look over this list. If you select over 80" bulls that weigh over, or near a ton, soon you will be very happy with the profitable results. Don't settle for any less.

Although he is retired from measuring competition, don't forget the multiple proven siring ability of Drag Iron with 85.5" T2T. His semen is only $100. And . . . brindle lives still matter.

Semen ordering info http://texaslonghorn.com/inventory/semen/index.cfm
740 758 5050, Dickinson Cattle Co LLC.

Clear Point
Drag Iron
Rodeo Max
Clear Win