Clear Point Memo

DCC Ranch eNews 7-4-16

by: Darol Dickinson

IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!! Today, for many Longhorn producers, it is more exciting than shooting fireworks in the air, encouraging Chinese capitalism.

Clear Point

Clear Point insider data: Click Here

Longhorn lovers really enjoy large horns. Now, more than ever it is easy to breed "yuuge" horn. Not only yuuge horn, but ton-plus body size can be the total package at the very same cost.

For years many thought Texas Longhorns couldn't compete on the basis of rate of gain and size. Now Texas Longhorns can be very profitable with real beef type genetics - just select the right bulls.

As I communicate with our DCC Ranch eNews friends, on July 4, there is great news. Go to Craig Perez's site. Go to club 80 and see the data on the largest horned over 80" bulls of record. Click on: note the top 6 bulls with horn T2T of 87 1/8" and above in the 80" category. A once in history phenomenon exists.

Of the top 80" bulls, hold your chaps, Clear Win stands #6, his son Winning Honor stands #5 and his son Clear Point stands #2 with 88.5" T2T. This family dominates the "thin air" horn size section all from the same family. Is this a fluke? Is it a consistent genetic trait? You make the call.

Clear Win

Clear Win, the sire: Click Here

How does this work? Clear Win, the sire, is by Win Win and out of a Super Bowl daughter. He is DNA tested and has 126 ancestors of record either blood typed or of DNA record on file with TLBAA and or ITLA. Not a single parentage has ever been identified to be incorrect. Real science is real science. His pedigree is one of the most proven correct of any TL pedigree in history.

Clear Point is 88.5" T2T and larger body size than his sire Clear Win. Clear Point's dam is by Mile Marker and out of a Winchester cow. He has the same number of proven parentage DNA tests as his sire, plus 2 more -- totaling 128 ancestors of record. Science is still science. The fact he has so many AI and embryo transfer ancestors with DNA of record, makes him, the most ancestrally proven correct bull in history -- even more than his sire.

Now, the younger brother, Winning Honor at 87.25" T2T. He is sired by Clear Win. Bill and Judy Meridith acquired Clear Win semen and bred TCC Honor, a Boomerang daughter and raised Winning Honor. He is their senior herd sire now. Winning Honor is proving to be the greatest bull ever bred by the Meridiths.

Winning Honor

Winning Honor published data: Click Here

Serious TL producers will tap into this consistent family. Not just consistent, but the most consistent horn siring family ever of record.

Quickly nab on to Clear Win or Clear Point semen at $100 per straw. Soon, even more great bulls from this family are coming up the ladder, and these 3 bulls are rapidly putting on horn even while they sleep. For semen orders call 740 758 5050