Gallery Of Great Genetics - Now-Now-Now!

The breed's greatest bulls are all available with one semen purchase shipped direct to you. Only pay for one UPS fee, get any or all of the 7 top bulls, mix and match your choice. Don't risk valuable time breeding to unproven, young, unadvertised or unknown bulls.

This unprecedented semen offering gives you 7 bulls over 85" T2T, proven by time, with great progeny all over the nation. You have seen them. You know them. No syndicate to join with tricky terms. Mix and match to correctly mate your great cows to famous bulls by AI.

Cowboy Tuff Chex 98" T2T $300
Top Caliber 87.6875" T2T $100
Clear Point 87.375" T2T $100
Clear Win 86.5" T2T $100
Drag Iron 85" T2T $100
Tempter 85.25" T2T $50
Rodeo Max 85.25" T2T $35

7 famous Texas Longhorn bulls
For data/details on these 7 famous bulls see the DCC Reference Sires list: Click Here

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Terms: No maximum order. Minimum order, $200 total on semen, excluding Cowboy Tuff Chex.

Insist on *one owner semen. DCC is the industries major provider of one owner semen.

Ads, Facebook and emails allege certain bulls may grow over 85" T2T and even boast the possibility of going over 90." Yet, to date, according to Arrow Head, only 10 bulls out of over 100,000 have topped the 85" peak. If any bulls in the future excel over the 7 above listed bulls, the odds are excellent they will be sired by these bulls. This offering is for producers who are serious about only the top of the top. We are honored to offer these great sires from the DCC semen inventory. Place orders to Dickinson Cattle Co, 35000 Muskrat, Barnesville, OH, 43713, ph 740 758 5050. Order now.

*One owner semen has not been bought, sold, shipped, molested, handled or moved several times with multiple exposures to air and sun.