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Jet Black Chex is now the widest t2t all black bull in the industry at 80.25". He has trim, correct profile conformation. When bred to the big, beef type Dickinson Cattle Co cows the results are exciting. This son of Rio Grand can put the black in a herd without a loss of horn or twist. See how the "Jet" will bundle genetics of the future in your herd. Semen $35. Clear Win is a great way to bundle the beef type and dominant horn leadership. He solidifies the muscle and perfect horn siring consistent blend. With his oldest calves age 3 and 4 he has 3 sons over 80". (Clear Point 89-1/8", Winning Honor 87" and Clear Chrome 80.25") Clear Win is 87-1/8" t2t himself. This is the single most influential line for body and horn in one bundle. Semen $100. Atticus Finch is an example of the "Jet" bundle of genetics from a Clear Win cow. See the body length, trimness, bold color pattern, small head and strong hip. Atticus Finch was ITLA 2016 International Class Champion. See his class mates at DCC. Some can be bought.