To Peddle

DCC Ranch eNews #102

by: Darol Dickinson

My freckled faced, red headed grandson Bry has a bicycle. Sometimes I see it laying wherever he left it, in the driveway, leaning against a tree, or just anywhere in the grass or weeds. Sometimes the weeds grow up between the spokes and I know he has not been riding it for some time. Other times I see him "peddle" by the ranch headquarters lickety split. He takes spells. At times he rolls unbelievable miles per day, and then other times the spokes quietly exist in the weeds.

Fast kid on bike

I get phone calls a couple times a month asking the question, "What is the market for Texas Longhorn cattle?" A lot of people have heard of the cattle selling for over $100,000, but they aren't sure how the business works or who the buyers are. Some people read about them selling for $2000 and also $100,000. Many would like to buy a pasture of $2000 cattle and at a later date sell the herd for $100,000 each. They call and ask me -- they want to know what the trick is?

I wonder if -- if, people actually think they can multiply registered cattle, or for that matter, inventory any product, and immediately start selling at a huge profit. I wonder if new producers think someone has already done the foundation education needed to have a buyer's group ready to buy surplus product. Who would promote your new business for you and create a ready market for your new product, and wait for you to produce it? That is a crazy question.

Inventory, or any new business, is like a kid's bicycle -- it is dead unless someone "peddles" it. Once there is desire and energy behind a real business plan, good things can happen. Once someone with desire grabs the handle bars and starts to "peddle", things can really move.

To be a peddler or market minded person is important. Anyone who thinks someone else wants to peddle your cattle for you will soon be discouraged. In 1967 when Linda and I started into the Texas Longhorn business every neighbor for miles assured me, and each other, that I was making a huge business mistake to start raising Texas Longhorns. While 100% of my friends, relatives and neighbors sincerely thought I was a crazy 24 year old, I knew I had to be a serious peddler, even more.

During these early years it was not easy. In thinking back, I have written an article on what I did and how I worked to be a peddler of Texas Longhorn cattle. In 1967 there were no copy machines, no email, no google, no fax machines, or cell phones. Yet, the cattle were easy to sell, and a large international ranching business was started from a humble beginning. Read this article: Click Here

Today, just like in 1967, 50 years ago, peddling of cattle is still necessary for a successful ranching business. Just like Bry on his bike, the faster you "peddle" the faster you go. If you abandon the bike in weeds, and don't pay any attention to it, nothing happens. Somebody has to peddle! No one -- No one can peddle your stuff like you can!