To Save A Little Life

DCC Info eNews #105

by Darol Dickinson - 5-11-17

Brad Troy is a good neighbor. He owns a stone home in the ranch LONGHORNS HIDEAWAY subdivision. On any given day he may wear the "grampa" hat, work as a corporate pilot jetting all over north America, or cool his engines tooling around Dickinson Cattle Co on his 4 X 4. Over the years Brad has dropped in on emergency events and becomes extremely valuable -- such was yesterday.

Brad Troy - calf whisperer

Brad likes little lives, new born calves, cats and grand kids. He helps on the ranch with brush removal, and checking pastures with or without Joel. Brad was check/documenting new births while Joel was attending the highly successful McCombs sale. Although I wish someone else could have taken photos of Brad, he was the only one on the far side of the pasture, so he is not pictured in this life saving act.

Ace of Roses with newborn calf

When Brad first spotted "The Ace Of Roses" she was in labor, soon this pinto calf was born. The dam is tired and the calf is up breathing and all seems at peace.

Calf buried in mud

After checking another half dozen pastures Brad returned to find this disaster. New born calves aren't blessed with much smarts. It is easier to start walking down hill than up away from the little creek. The calf is exhausted. The cow is worried to death. It is a bad happening.

Cow licking muddy calf off

According to Brad, and he was the only witness, all that was not wasted with mud was the calf's head and shoulders. The only part of Brad not covered with mud was parts unknown - he was covered.

happy mother with rescued calf

To the cow, her calf smells like creek mud, but she is a happy mother and quickly licks off the mud and gives her new calf a "tongue bath." Brad has slid the calf up well away from the creek to clean grass.

She did a good job and licked her baby completely clean

A couple hours later, a clean bath, breakfast and Brad saves another young life. This Reckon So calf may live to be a special herd sire - all he needs is time. All is well - and clean, except maybe Brad Troy.