Great BueLingo Cattle

DCC Ranch eNews #113, 8-23-201

BueLingo is a blended breed with a Holland base of Dutch Belted Dairy blood. This is where the white belt comes from. Ranchers who developed the BueLingo did not want a dairy pasture breed so a blend of Angus, Charolais, Limousin and a nickles worth of Salorn is the package. The belt remains, but may only be an eighth or less of Dutch Belted Dairy blood. There is just enough to add a touch of extra milk, which, easy to understand, gives some additional weaning calf growth.

The blend just happens to be ideal for some dairy leanness, Limousin carcass quality, calving ease of Salorn and an Angus base. Other BueLingo producers may have a different blend, but the belt must remain to be a registered BueLingo with the BueLingo Beef Cattle Society.

Dickinson Cattle Co selected BueLingo in 1989 as the second breed, very different to the Texas Longhorn herd. The BueLingo gives a different market, a great beef animal and a color that is absolutely striking in the pasture. The success of grass feeding BueLingo for freezer beef is more and more fun. A pure registered herd makes an awesome picture.

BueLingo Pair
Buelingo Heifer
Black Buelingo Cow with red heifer calf

Between now and Winter 40 BueLingo females will be offered for sale. This is the chance for a serious herd to get started. Go to the ranch site for inventory currently available of all ages at This is part of the offering and more will be added this month. For more info on BueLingo go to for an article on history

BueLingo Cow With fat happy heifer calf

Call today to start your own BueLingo herd. Your neighbors will think you are  crazy and that may be a good thing. Dickinson Cattle Co, Barnesville, Ohio, 740 758 5050,