ITLA Championship Show - 2017

DCC Ranch eNews #119, Nov-04-2017

The Dickinson family likes to support the ITLA Championship show, the Horn Showcase and the Ohio River Valley Texas Longhorn Assn annual shows. After 50 years in this business we don't really have a place for any more ribbons, buckles or trophies, yet it is very important to see how the DCC genetics stack up compared to other serious producers. It is very important to always have a forward movement toward the very top stock. Here are the entries and their placings at the ITLA Championship Show just held in Clovedale, IN with very tough competition.

Winning Smile with her 25th

DCC exhibited one of the older cows, Winning Smile with her 25th calf. She is a Winchester daughter out of a Fielder daughter. She won ITLA Non Halter Class #17 and was defeated by her half sister, also sired by Winchester, for All Age Grand Champion, Bar S Emotions.

Silent Iron by Drag Iron

This is Silent Iron by Drag Iron at her first non halter show. She is over 90" T2T and fresh off a major victory winning the Horn Showcase for age 4 females. She is 1195 lbs and raising her 3rd calf. She may be the most valuable female ever to show at an ITLA non Halter Championship. See her with other family members at DCC.

Drag Shy

Drag Shy is a two year old Drag Iron daughter out of a Shy Streaker cow. She won class #11 Non-Halter and also Champion Sr. Non Halter Heifer.

Iron Span by Drag Iron

Iron Span by Drag Iron and out of Obvious Top by Top Caliber made us very proud at the ITLA Championship show. This June of 2016, thick, correct calf started by winning the ITLA Championship Futurity, then judged Champion Intermediate Bull and then the really big one the best of the best, the ITLA All Star Futurity. Thanks Kara "Kazoonti" Dickinson for doing a great job showing your "pal" Iron Span.

Full Pack

Full Pack is a yearling heifer winning in a tough halter class #6 and also won Champion Jr Heifer. She is a daughter of Jam Packed, recent Horn Showcase winner for age 5 cows and All Age Champion at the 2016 ITLA Championship. See Full Pack, Pistol Packer, Packer, Drop Box, Back Pack, Pokey Pack, Real Jam, and the dam of them all at DCC.

Time Line

Time Line is by Rio Grande out of Dragon Pearl by Drag Iron out of Field Of Pearls. Time Line was a back up bull at Dickinson Cattle Co for 2017. He was born 4-26-15 and measured 78" T2T on 9-30-17. In the Horn Showcase class 47, age 2 bulls, his T2T per day of age was superior to well known bulls, Hydro, Mr. Big Stuff, Viper Dragon, Gold Mine and Heart Breaker. In his first halter show, shown by Doug Burris, he won ITLA Championship Halter Bull Class #28 and Reserve Grand Champion Halter All Age Bull. He is the 3rd son of Dragon Pearl who is believed to go over 80" T2T soon.


Kookachex is by "Tuff" and out of Sweet Kookateu by Drag Iron. She was shown by Doug Burris and Lane Morris to win the age 2 halter class #11 and also later won the Reserve Champion Sr. Heifer. She was voted Elite Cow of all females in the ITLA Championship Futurity.

DCC would like to thank the 5 panel futurity judges, non halter judge Lizz Huntsberry and halter judge Dr. Keith Berkeley. Especially a big thank you to ITLA President Mike Tomey and first lady Jamie. What a great herd of Longhorn people, all at one place, living the Longhorn life, and loving it.