The Bull Test Experience

DCC Ranch eNews #121, Nov-21-2017

All the young bulls have passed their first evaluation tests. They are happy and settling in for the Ohio winter soon to some.

Baby Bulls in the winter feeding barn

Their first sight of man was a Honda mounted cowhand with a piggin string and a scales. They were weighed, photographed and given a selenium shot. Then, later came pre-weaning shots, a nose blab, post weaning shots, a nice clear brand, worming pour-on, and now, up to the baby bull barn.

Starting with the older ones, every retained bull at DCC will be halter trained for one week. They are starting to school a step at a time. Prior to this time they were handled slowly, carefully and deliberately developing a mentality of obedience, and respect to human kind. Bulls need a proper up-bringing; you can't just let them run in the pasture and expect them to know how to coexist with people in a pleasant way. They will learn but some effort must be asserted to teach them right  lessons. Like people, they need to learn respect; learn a full gamut of handling experiences.

After every bull is stage one halter trained some may "graduate" to the freezer beef pasture for a number of reasons. As every little bull is fed the exact same formula and have the same treatment, the cream rises to the top. The original young bull selections drop out about 20% over time, and the better ones stay on their testing regiment for months. From the original 250 TL bull calves born at DCC about 35 become herd sires for DCC and clients. It is a long process of evaluations, excitement and a few sad results.

DCC selects 2 to 4 bulls to continue and test breed on the DCC heifers. All the other bulls will be sold over time.

During and after this process a number of young bulls are placed on the DCC inventory sale list ( New and repeat clients select their future young sires from the inventory presented. DCC is excited when buyers show up with a trailer and select their new bulls, yet, shipping can be arranged if necessary.

New bulls will be placed on the inventory every week or so. Call for your next fancy young bull. DCC  specializes in size, disposition, color and whatever all those other things are.

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