Memo to Texas Longhorn people - ORVTLA Show

The 21st annual ITLA Ohio River Valley Texas Longhorn Assn show is coming fast. This is going to be a good one. No one who appreciates Texas Longhorn cattle will even consider the thought of missing this great Ohio show. It is a clean facility, quality people, wonderful cattle, and an all around enjoyable event. Beautiful cow girls, old crippled people, crazy slightly controlled kids, occasional lost tourists, and ITLA members all trying to keep the herd moving. Entries are expected from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. If you have cattle and would like to win the big trophies, and you are from California, Canada, Florida, New York, or Cuba, you are also welcome to compete -- see if it is easy to beat the Ohio folks.

	Date:     July 21, 9 A.M.
	Location: Wayne County Fair Grounds
	          199 Vanover St.
	          Wooster, Ohio, USA
	          9 AM to 4 PM (depending on how fast the judge is.)

Admission free (what you see in Wooster you can take home with you)

Bovine Cow Pottie Bingo $10 per ticket. Win a registered TL calf by the drop of a ............ She is generously donated by Linda Callan and a beautiful brindle heifer she is. Call to order tickets as this is absolutely time sensitive... 419 606 6184. Feel free to bring western items for the silent auction.

Ads for the show book 1/2 page $60, full page $100. Send digital file or hard copy to

Entry info contact Tim Mills at or Amber Dunmire at

A special guest is invited to the show, Ohio Governor candidate Mike DeWine.

This is the 21st annual event on the 21st, so suck it up, bring cattle and the family.

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Roses For The Winner

Roses For The Winner, owner Chad Dickinson, Georgetown, TX, All Age Grand Champion Female.

Sweet Kookateu pair, Champion Aged Cow 2017

Sweet Kookateu pair, Champion Aged Cow 2017, owner Kirk & Teu Dickinson

For more info: Tim Mills at or Amber Dunmire at