Save Money On Semen Purchases

DCC Ranch eNews #138 - 5-25-18

by Darol Dickinson

Artificial Insemination (AI) is the wonderful method of moving up the ladder of genetic success. More are breeding AI in the Texas Longhorn industry than ever before. However, with the popularity of getting calves from famous sires are the rapidly escalating semen prices. Just a few years ago no one dreamed of paying $100 to $500 for TL semen. Now some minimally known, even low data bulls are priced at $100 to $250. Yet, there are friendly options.

Take a look at some reasonable, worth the money, low dollar, even dirt cheap proven bulls available. When prices are over-inflated, out of reason, excessive, and a risky purchase, there is a solution.

Many are breeding their first TL cattle by AI. With no experience, a new veterinarian, and new squeeze facilities; this is not the time to use $300 semen. Take a look at the reasonable prices of the Dickinson Cattle Co sires below and save yourself a headache, and other things. Order all semen from one place and save UPS fees. Call 740 758 5050

Jet Black Chex

Jet Black Chex- the best in black. Proven smooth body lines, over 60% black base progeny, straight, trim, and 81.38" T2T. $35 semen per straw.

Jet Lag

Jet Lag - age 2. Not AI enrolled. Sires the longest body in the industry. Great show type with value color to the heart. Trim, clean fronted and correct. $35

Jubal Jangle

Jubal Jangle - a son of Over Kill and the beautiful Shadow Jubilee, one of the first over 90" cows. Great value, priced to fit any entry level budget. $25

Non Stop

Non Stop - Taking the Over Kill legacy fast forward. You have seen his progeny winning the futurities and savored their modern colorful conformation. Over 60% black based calves. Modern quality personified. $35

Reckon So

Reckon So - one of the leading futurity winning sons of Cowboy Tuff Chex. Sires tall calves, strong on brindle colors, a hip like masculine obesity with ripples. $50

Rodeo Max

Rodeo Max - sires rich seal brown colors. Winner of 11 horn bronze. Horn 86.63" T2T. The most horn for the price. See his calves in all the prominent herds. $35

Super Bowl

Super Bowl - the bull that helped the RM brand become famous. Check the Arrowhead site for several dozen of his progeny with awesome color, and horn with old fashioned curl. $35


Tuxedo - leading semen sales in Australia for 2017. Royal pedigree and regal appearance. Banded genetics never before available. $35


Winchester - proven by time for correctness in the show ring and great producers both AC & DC in the pasture. If beef and a ton is important? $35

Bail Jumper

Bail Jumper - half brother to Emperor and a leading sire of World Show Champions. Still a consistent sire of correct conformation, bold bright red spotted progeny with early height and length to win today's shows. $15

ethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon - ITLA All Age Champion 1991. More height, more length, more total frame. Weight 2145 lbs. Serious savings $10 per straw for the top halter bull.

Texas Ranger JP

Texas Ranger JP - the greatest foundation sire of the TL breed with over 58,000 times appearing in registered pedigrees. The only foundation source of beef, frame and thickness. If you don't have Texas Ranger you don't have as much beef. $15

DCC offers real semen processed in professional laboratories to thaw over 20,000,000 live cells. It has all the great herd sires with the joy of fine females equally mixed in each straw. For full details on these great sires, and over 86 flavors available, check Make it a business with a profit.