The Tax Man Is Here

DCC Ranch eNews #127 - Feb-6-2018

It is that time of year. Some don't understand why I am grouchy. All the personal property tax notices came last week and the ranch's taxes jumped 7.5%. Will Rogers said, "Be thankful we don't get all the government we pay for."

President Trump is lowering the federal  taxes, but that is just the tip of the bull's tail. We have a chunk of personal property tax for the county and state, city tax, income tax, fuel tax, sales tax, and then death tax. It looks like when our federal tax is lowered the locals pick up the slack and reach out their hands for the increase.

Government Crucifixion

Some people are selling properties and moving to states where taxes are lower. West Virginia state taxes are one third the amount of Ohio. New York is four times higher. Some areas brag about certain low taxes, then have other taxes that are very high. The tax on a rental car at the DFW airport is over 25%. Each form of government taxes the peasants as high as possible, and most still  get elected back into office.

We have been duped!  Robin Hood didn't "Steal from the rich and give to the poor." He stole from a corrupt government and gave it back to the over taxed citizenry. - Emily Zanotti

When there is a vote to increase the tax levy for local library funding, even though everyone reads stuff on the internet, it adds to our personal property taxes a few hundred dollars.

There are very few taxes we can do anything about. However, the personal property taxes allows a formal protest opportunity. An appointment can be made to go before the Board Of Revision and plead for clemency. Here is how it works. If you don't plead to reduce your taxes, welcome to another increase next year -- your choice.

1) When you get the county treasurers bill for property taxes it will not make it clear or may not even indicate that you have any recourse. You will not be encouraged to file a formal complaint bringing your logic before a board "of your peers."

2) It will tell you there is a 5% added penalty if you are up to 10 days late with payment -- or a 10% increase if you are 11 days or more late. If taxes are not paid in 60 days your property may be foreclosed and the government owns it. These people you elected to office have turned into the most serious, vicious people you ever could dream.

3) Go to your county Auditor's site to the section, cleverly hidden, called Board Of Revision, probably disguised as BOR. Print out the form to request a hearing. To discourage hearings they require requests be notarized.

4) You will be given a time and date for the hearing. Take any evidence of buildings rotting down, or any proof of values Not increasing. Take your full amount of time and make it as painful as possible for these hardened  people. They are the enemy of your family and business.

5) Realize the hearing officers are all staff from county government who may get increased pay checks when taxes go up. If taxes go down they may have salary reductions. Their stone cold hearts will  not be thinking kindly toward your family or any tearful pleadings.

6) Early on they will educate the tax payer that you are part of a very small minority of protestors who does not want to pay the full fair tax share. They say less than 5% of the county are formally protesting, assuming 95% love the big tax increase. Here is why:

  1. These government people take training seminars on jacking up new taxes. They hire professionals to psychologically trick the peasants.
  2. One third of the personal property taxes are staggered to go up drastically each three years. That lets 66% of the land owners relax. This means only a third of land owners are puking about their increased tax. This staggering of the tax increases is a divide and conquer old Roman war technique.
  3. Most people think it is hopeless to protest taxes and will not waste their time complaining to the government employees who are paid with taxation moneys.
  4. When only 15% of the one third formally protest each year, that is less than 5%. This is an effort to make you appear greedy, selfish, and from a very minority group.

7) Don't be tricked. Every person should protest all tax increases. If the above numbers continue it is of a certain your taxes will increase more next year.

8) Fill up the court house with formal protests until the King can understand the peasants don't like it.

I hope these tips for survival with a lethargic, greedy, local government will help you, your business and your family. Every dollar saved from government is a dollar for your family.

Downsize Government

Send $10 for 12 bumper stickers and share with local land owners. Send to  DCC, 35000 Muskrat, Barnesville, OH 43713

When you see beside the road a county gravel truck, 3 county vehicles, 4 guys on cell phones and one guy with a shovel, you will be glad you protested. Do it now.