Largest Texas Longhorn Semen Offering In History

DCC Ranch eNews #164 - 3-20-2019

by: Darol Dickinson

March 30, the 41st B & C Spring Longhorn Sale will have a one-time-historic sale lot. This lot will be a collection of Texas Longhorn bull semen never before offered, a total of 24,767 semen units. The offering, "Semen Lot A" is a consignment from the Anchor D Ranch Estate of Richard Whitfield Robbins Jr, Belvidere, Kansas.

The months between age 20 and 36 tell the tale.

The list of sires available are on the very back page of the B & C Sale catalog.

Daughter, heir, in charge of the semen estate, Amber Robbins, has consigned the huge offering to sell in total. Semen is currently stored at Rocky Mountain Sire Service at Bennett, Colorado. Reliable sources say, since the original collections in the early eighties, no semen was sold. The buyer will receive the entire original amounts.

The months between age 20 and 36 tell the tale.Estimates of the March 30 auction sale-value are unknown. No data of semen inventories this large are of record. Storage fees were paid in full by the late Mr. Robbins during his life, at assessed costs of 2.6 cents per straw per month. The cost for storage of the huge semen bank is estimated at $278,182.94 during the last 36 years since original collections. Collection fees are estimated at $99,068 during the early eighties. Semen has never been out of professional care so is considered of useful quality.

Richard Witfield Robbins, Jr 1942 -- 2018, ranched near Belvidere, KS and especially liked the Yates and government families of Texas Longhorns. This offering will be an appraisal of the early registered cattle that have long been obsolete in most herds. Those wishing to go back 40 years into early genetics will have a treasure trove of DNA in this offering.

For information on the passing of Mr. Robbins and the Celebration of Life at Busters Saloon at Sun City ---!/Obituary