Proven Value Traits - How to Trap Them?

DCC Ranch eNews #169 - 5-26-2019

by: Darol Dickinson

A few minutes ago the beautiful cow "Jest Dragging Iron" sold for $30,000 at the Hudson-Valentine Blue Grass Longhorn Sale. Some really large horned and beautiful conformation cows were selling for $1500 to $6000, and then, Jest Dragging Iron came in the ring. It was exciting. Great cattle always cause excitement and with excitement comes some nice profits.

More consignments bred with female sexed semen were in this sale than any other TL sale in history. This will continue, however, I predict, just the fact semen is female sexed, the sires that prevail will also be like Drag Iron and possess size, color, correctness and horn. Just sexed semen from a medium quality bull will soon be unmarketable and their female progeny.

The dam of Jest Dragging Iron is "Don't Kill The Jester" by Over Kill out of Jester. As a young heifer Nathan Jones bought her for $6000 and she left Dickinson Cattle Co bred to Drag Iron. We congratulate Nathan on his purchase, the embryo flushes, and some excellent progeny he has raised while owning this mighty fine cow. She has been profitable annually and will continue to earn a living for the new buyers.

As this very well managed sale was carefully evaluated, cattle were sold by bulls that were white, red, pale-light colors, and cows with plain colors, with plain colored calves -- sold for hours. In a mature market investors must consider the many value points that can make this breed more valuable -- color is a big one. Breeding for pretty colors is a no-brainer. Color, added to great conformation, good growth, and beautiful horns --- this is proven value.

A great thing happened at Dickinson Cattle Co on April 12, 2007 when Drag Iron was born. It was a wonderful thing for Nathan Jones, and DCC, as Drag Iron bred all types of cows in Ohio from 2008 through 2015, when he was purchased by Rex Glendenning of Celina, TX.

The phenomenon of Drag Iron is no mystery. While other well known sires may have great horn, but lack in size, or other values, Drag Iron is strong in every genetic way. Here is what Drag Iron does:

  1. He weighs 2260 lbs, so his calves can be very good sized -- gain well.
  2. He has low scoop-horns and will lower V-shaped high horned genetics to a lateral shape.
  3. He is long and tall like his sire Jamakizm, which is lacking in some families.
  4. He is a dark base color which darkens pale and white colors.
  5. He breeds a speck/spotted color pattern.
  6. He has a tri-color dark seal brown, which is covered by flowers and splotches.
  7. He marks over 60% of his calves with vertical brindle colors.
  8. He sires a late roaning factor that even on calves born white -- totally roan later on.
  9. He sires gentle dispositions which is loved by people who show his calves
  10. Lastly, he is one of only 5 bulls to ever sire an over 100" T2T cow.

For those with a serious intent to be profitable in the TL business a close look at Drag Iron for profitable progeny is easy. Semen is only $150, for now, which is a genuine buy. Call DCC for Drag Iron real semen -- for all the right reasons.