Expanding The Ranch

DCC Ranch eNews #172 - 6-6-2019

by: Darol Dickinson

A long-time friend just informed me he was badly needing to sell about 2/3 of his Longhorn herd fairly fast. A contract to purchase land fell through and he had lost a large piece of joining land. Another producer over in Pennsylvania lost their lease and nearly all their operation was leased land -- even more vulnerable, all leased from the same person.

These fast changes in a business plan are hard to shift gears and often really set the business back.

When DCC ranched in Colorado, at one time, 20,000 acres were leased from over two dozen land owners. It was a way of life, always dealing with land owners -- everyone different. We had several parcels of deeded land which provides security. Properties were located from the high elevation mountains of Chaffee county for Summer to the low-land river-bottoms of the Arkansas River in Prowers county for winter grazing.

When leasing land, never just lease what is needed. Always lease several parcels from different owners. If one man gets shot by a mad boy-friend, several other leases are unchanged. Always lease a forth to a third more land than needed for long term safety.

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