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DCC Ranch eNews #175 - 6-20-2019

Hooray- by Jamakizm headed to 90" t2t and a ton DCC of Ohio, practicing precision breeding of the great Texas Longhorn - DCC's main business since 1967. Iron Span - by Drag Iron
age 3 - nearing 90" t2t  Meet 3 of the 36 sires that will be used on DCC cows this 2019 season. DCC is working to provide your next, and greatest future herd sire for 2021. With 52 years of dedication, bringing the Texas Longhorn breed to world appreciation - come to Ohio and see the plan.   Point Mark - by Clear Point
age 25 months 72-5/8" t2tDICKINSON CATTLE CO LLC   35000 Muskrat tt
Barnesville, Ohio 43713
740 758 5050
www.texaslonghorn.com   DCC — starting our 53rd year with this very profitable breed and great enjoyable people. Thank you Lord