Shotgun Marketing

DCC Ranch e-News #198 - 12-21-19

by Darol Dickinson

Marketing has many different definitions to different people.

Once someone said "Build a better product and they will beat a path to your door." That could never be more wrong today. There is more competition in the professionalism of marketing than the quality of the product -- take Walmart as an example.

In the cattle business often the professionalism of showmanship overrides the real goal of superior livestock -- that is backwards. There are local businesses called "livestock auction markets" which is not really a market as such, but rather a point of immediate fast liquidation.

Marketing, by definition, "the action of business of promoting and selling products including market research and advertising, which expands the awareness and demand." Real marketing may be many different things, and for certain far more than simple liquidation.

This is the 41st edition of the Texas Longhorn Celebrity Calendar. It has not been easy to keep this marketing effort financed or annually distributed. It is printed in Ohio USA with a print run of 8000. During the year of 2020 these calendars will be on the walls of offices from Austria to Australia viewed for 365 days. That is massive market exposure -- real numbers.

Yesterday Kara delivered 60 calendars to the Belmont County Sheriff. The next time you are arrested you will see Texas Longhorn photos behind the Sheriff's desk. Sheriff Lucas enjoys giving TL calendars to his law enforcement associates all over the area and to every judge where his cases are tried. This has been done for 20 years.

Yesterday Kara (standing on the front steps) hand delivered a calendar to every employee in the Belmont County Court House; the engineers, records, commissioners, assessors, district judges, highway department, and even the metal detector officer. This also has been done for 20 years.

The LHTT Ranch store sells Texas Longhorn beef. Several who received calendars boasted that they regularly buy halves of beef and 50 lb boxes of Texas Longhorn grind from LHTT. I am guessing, but I believe LHTT sells more beef to the court house employees than Walmart. It may be the calendar?

Marketing has many faces. Some are wonderful, but all are good. This is a shotgun blast approach to getting the TL word out 365 days a year to 8000 views around the world. It is one of the good things.

To order calendars send $12 for one, $22 for two, $100 for 20, or $260 for 80. Send to LHTT, 35000 Muskrat Rd, Barnesville, OH 43713 USA.