What Could Happen -- A Biden Reign.

DCC Ranch e-News #227 - 11-11-20

by Darol Dickinson

All my life I have studied prophecy, predictions, or projections. The main point of accuracy is knowing the past -- what things have happened, and how they worked, or failed. It will happen again.

First-off, communism (I refuse to capitalize) is the complete takeover of private property, control of all production and sources of production. Every increase in government is one step toward the total communist goal. Any government cost increase is an increment in the communist direction. No matter what the effort is named, that is what it is.

President Trump worked to create private-sector jobs that produced a product or service. When Biden says he will create millions of "high-paying" jobs. he means adding thousands of government employees. Every new government employee, or one who gets a government check, causes more taxes to be paid in order to finance this new added salary. Every reduction in government lets hard working private citizens retain their own earnings. Is that hard to understand?

Like with Trump, during Biden's second month of reign, war will break out, somewhere. Some power-hungry dictator will want to check Biden's grit. But Biden won't handle it the way Trump did. He and Harris may bomb the Azores.

The stock market has soaked up billions from investors. It had some great profits and stability during Trump. With Biden, take my dad's advice, "Never invest in anything you can't throw a rock at."

If Biden wins, you will soon see VP Harris on the cover of every womens magazine. Although designated the most liberal in the Senate, she will be "knighted" the most brilliant woman ever. Although admittedly she has no direct connection to an African ancestor, she will be the queen of African-American women.

For every elected person there are over 2000 bureaucrats. With elections, a few of the chairs on the Titanic will be moved around, yet the bureaucrats have tenure that never changes. They never get fired no matter the fumb-dumbling they may do. Projects started in Obama's first year will still be in the mill and thousands of government employees will silently keep moving darkly on. (Animal Disease Traceability is one project that never dies)

Obama and Hillary said they would end coal production, the lowest-cost method of electric power generation. Well, they almost did. Did anyone notice your electric bill go up?

Biden says he will rejoin the Paris Climate Accord -- the USA will pay the bill and it will come from taxes.

Biden says the oil and gas industry will "phase-out" to be replaced with solar, etc. Wonder how Air Force One will perform on solar? If the oil industry goes bust like coal mining, go buy a wood stove quick before the price explodes. Also buy axes -- chain saws won't have gas to cut the firewood.

If Biden doesn't have control of the Senate, watch for presidential executive orders to be rampant. The Senate will be choked down to the least authority possible.

The food industry will be the safest of all businesses. Efficient food production will be safe and profitable forever. Yet, less gasoline will be available for the tractors and cattle trucks. Plan on more costs to move ag products.

The meat industry will change. The environmentalists will soon revolt when they see that up to 90% of what chickens, turkeys, hogs and fed-cattle eat is human consumable. These food producers will be considered enemies of the people. Only food animals that can do well without massive grain consumption will be considered "human friendly." That will be fish, goats, sheep -- and Texas Longhorn cattle.

Remember last week? We filled up with Regular at $1.74 per gallon. When Biden/Obama crawled out of Washington, it was over $4 per gallon. That is how it worked before. Trump reduced regulations on oil production and the USA became the leading producer of exportable oil in the world.

World Travel will become more unsafe. Trump has recovered more USA citizens from political or missionary alleged incarceration -- kidnapping, and fought human trafficking tirelessly. Biden will not have those concerns listed on his yellow tablet.

In Russia, citizens order windshield wiper blades years in advance. The comrades who make blades have no incentive with communism, so production is slow. When government grows, production slows down and ordering of machine parts drags to a halt. The longer time to get any replacement parts is totally caused by government regulations.

With Hunter's encouragement, marijuana will become legal in the whole USA. Although rehab will cost trillions, a few million will be collected for the government from sales tax. That is how it works. 

Biden said he would make workers safer by increasing OSHA regulations. OSHA is already a major cost addition to any building project. OSHA is all government jobs. The world ran fine before OSHA.

The horse industry has financially taken a beating in the last few years. Good news -- that may change with Biden. Most communist countries eat horses, and some eat dogs. Without oil, horses will be pulling wagons and plows -- those that aren't on the supper table.

Churches will change. Church non-profit status will erode with new and creative fees replacing the historic respect given to New Testament Churches. Churches will be shocked by new taxes. The communists hate all churches. Newly elected politicians who hate God, hate your church. The Johnson Amendment may be reinstated.

If you have never been saved, and are not sure if you would go to heaven -- find a KJV Bible preaching church to attend. Get your family in the Bible. The Bible tells what is about to happen.

Gun control may be tough in the USA, but bullets may each have $10 of added tax. That is how liberals do it.

Don't be shocked if Michelle Obama is appointed to the Supreme Court, if she can get her attorney's license reinstated. Watch for the old criminals who Obama used for FBI, Justice, etc. They are all coming back.

Brace yourself for a Secretary of Agriculture to be a bleeding heart liberal tree-hugger who hates all livestock and is full vegan. Yet, X-Rep. Collin Peterson, who just got booted from a sweet 30 years mostly as Chair of the House Agriculture Committee, may get reinstated as the Sec. of Agriculture. He was vicious hammering ADT and NAIS against 91% opposition of cattle producers. His baggage will be thousands of cattle producers who fear his brutal control.

The USDA may go totally to welfare funding and disregard all ranches and farms. It is over half way there already.

Forget the heroism of being MADE IN THE USA. China will increase imports with reduced or no tarriffs.

Biden criticized Trump's rebuilding of infrastructure -- but he will drop that faster than Nelson Mandela invented the pot hole as national symbol of South Africa.

Survival recommendations:

  • Do not go into any business or service that requires government licenses, inspections, or taxes. All taxes, inspection fees, and licenses will increase in enforcements and costs.
  • Over 60% of all income is taxed. Deal in items not taxed. Save 7% here, 5% there, etc. Taxes and all government services will cost more -- avoid them like a skunk in Sunday school.
  • Bartering will become the national transaction process of choice.
  • Identify products or services badly needed in a local area and specialize.
  • Grow a factory or facility of production that is efficient.
  • Operate on little or no borrowed money.
  • Create an economical marketing program for volume sales.
  • When every good idea has a law against it, government regulations shut off every simple opportunity, keep making phone calls to solve the problem. Make 10, then 20, then 50 and a wonderful thing happens -- you win!
  • Have a spirit of persistence that never gives up.
  • The timing is perfect to become a billionaire. Start a true conservative, truthful TV station. Hire
    Tucker Carlson and Judge Janine. Take the Fox ball-and-chain off their leg and 70,000,000 Trump voters will quickly be faithful. It is a natural business that can't fail. People are sick of libs.
  • Train your kids in moral values, respect for the law, and a strong work ethic. The whole family wins!

"The best way to predict your future is to create it." - Abraham Lincoln

Worst case: How about Elizabeth Warren for Secretary of State -- Obama will get his 20 years of paid vacations reinstated -- Hillary knows about money, so maybe Biden will use her to head the Federal Reserve -- Appoint Peter Buttigieg in charge of womens rights -- Nancy Peloci will get her own airplane -- Al Sharpton in charge of the IRS -- after a pardon for Hunter, make him Drug Czar.