The Longhorn Film Series

DCC Ranch e-News #206 - 2-22-20

by Darol Dickinson

DCC is starting to put old VHS videos on Youtube. Here is the first of many. The quality is not good, but the history is spot-on. You should have been there.

COLORADO STATE FAIR TEXAS LONGHORN SHOW -- 1982. Colorado was the place that Texas Longhorn cattle came out of the swamps and began their march to national prominence. Colorado producers promoted the first Championship Steer show during the National Western, 1975. The first downtown Texas Longhorn cattle drive for over 100 years was through Colorado Springs. The first Texas Longhorn halter show was at the National Western in Denver. The first state fair Texas Longhorn show was in Pueblo, Colorado.

This film records the 7th annual show. It shows the beauty of the early shows with a small number of classes, large entry numbers, a truly western flavor and fantastic spectator appeal. Notice the original cow classes were all pair classes -- cows without calves could not enter. From the first, judges were selected of prominent experience with Texas Longhorns and ranching. The judge here runs over 10,000 cattle in Nevada. Judge credibility started as an absolute.

No show sticks, no hair grooming or clipping of any kind -- just honest presentations of the breed. Texas Longhorns had their own identity, their own shows and totally unique sizzle like no other breed show. The complete honesty of presentation was admired by all.Even other breeds who showed at halter shuttered at the thought of showing their cattle without serious finish, showmanship and the typical arena tricks of the trade. The early Texas Longhorn shows were honest, western and colorful.

This was captured from a very old 2nd generation VHS. Use it for documentation of historical value. The camera used for this series was larger than a mail box with no editing. If some footage was glitched it was reversed and then a reshoot.

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