Crazy News From Dickinson Cattle

DCC Ranch e-News #225 - 11-04-20

by Darol Dickinson

The day after the voting was "supposed" to be done it is such a X@#% to have this war on reality hopefully put to bed soon. Now relax, and have a little fun with this series of photos taken at the Dickinson Cattle Co, Customer Appreciation Day. Thanks for all who posed, behind the scene, unknowingly for most -- enjoy!! Relax a little. It is about time. You deserve it.

Cookie runs the LHTT store

Adam from WV -- highest state for % of Trump votes

An Indian rain dance

New Braces.

Carefully shooting the rear -- just the facts.

Old people too old to run for office, but know it.

Old people hard of hearing

Rose, mother of one, just swallowed a whole garlic!

Has no clue, just here for the food

Dela, handling semen sales from the DCC storage vault

Louann, you can go back for seconds

Checking the jalapenos.

What does 120" look like?

Kids love to eat dirt -- highlight of their day.

What in the world is going on? Wish I had a beard?

Modeling a real live beard -- all real, no fake hair

Watching, close watching a hot iron brand

Legal sex change in one minute or less. Irreversible. Not federally funded.
Hope you had a few minutes of enjoyment. Darol