Colorado Ballot Initative

DCC Ranch e-News #238 - 03-11-21

From Fence Post News.

Just when Fred Flintstone is appointed in charge of government computer programing, Poncho Villa heads the Cab-Drivers Union, Nancy Paloci takes control of Farm Animal Castration, in comes Alexander Sage and Brent Johannes of Colorado, proponents of less bestiality and laws to create "more dignity" for animals. Part of the proposed Colorado legislation would require days of marijuana joints to agree with, the other part would simply put livestock production out of business.

All normal people, if any are still around, would oppose all of this effort. Yet, please read the full Fence Post article and get a glimpse of the foolhardy, the ignorant and imbecilic thinking every livestock producer will face in the future. A certain species of neophytes oppose all beef production -- just buy meat at the grocery store where no animals are harmed!  D