What's Up With The 30x30 Plan?

DCC Ranch e-News #258 - 10-20-21

Memo: In the old West gun fights were frequent over land holdings, deeds, property lines and water rights. These battles were for a few thousand or hundred acres. Today we have a runaway rouge government in Washington DC that wants to confiscate 30% of all private land in the USA by 2030. It iscalled "permanently protecting" the land. Protecting from who? Who, would be you and me. Anyone with acres that they want to control. This video shows a quick look at the Communist plan to take your land.

If that wasn't bad enough. There is a 50x50 program to confiscate 50% by 2050. Watch the link below.



American Stewards of Liberty is organized to oppose 30x30. You will want to join and participate in this battle. It is bigger than the Alamo. That is a fact.

Darol Dickinson