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In 1998, at the old Barnesville, Ohio train depot, the OHIO RIVER VALLEY TEXAS LONGHORN ASSOCIATION was formed. There were only a few in attendance, but expectations were very high. The ORVTLA was formed as an ITLA Affiliate association. Officers were elected and events were planned. Memberships were encouraged for Texas Longhorn producers in Ohio and joining states.

The International Texas Longhorn Association, located at Glen Rose, Texas is the national association. ITLA does all the registrations, transfers, keeps over a half million computer pedigrees of record, trains and approves show judges and does anything that would create value to the breed -- creating breed values is what it is all about. Every member must be profitable with their cattle. The ORVTLA, working with ITLA, is all about promotion of the breed, not necessarily to the world, but concentrating on value creation, and awareness in Ohio and surrounded areas.

ITLA Vice President, Lizz Huntzberry of Maryland, judged the 2021 ORVTLA show held at the Wayne County Fairgrounds at Wooster, Ohio. Participants were represented from 9 states for the well known event. There are over 80 approved classes for all ages of cattle, halter, non halter, youth, plus showmanship. ITLA keeps a Legacy point system for national end of year awards. The show is normally held in mid Summer.

ORVTLA president Jeff Morris is working with committees for the 2022 show and field day events. Not only is the annual show a great event, field days, educational events, and marketing efforts make the ORVTLA an association every Ohio area Texas Longhorn producer should be a part of. As a business it is the profitable thing to do, as a fun thing, your family will enjoy the Longhorn friendships.

ORVTLA is a place the youngest can develop skills and become a part of the Longhorn family.

Please believe me. Join ORVTLA today with the attached membership application. All the information is there.  You will receive email info and you will be in the Ohio Longhorn loop for all Texas Longhorn events.

ORVTLA Membership Committee, Darol Dickinson

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