Showman, The Miracle of Homozygous

DCC Ranch e-News #277 - 5-31-22

by Darol Dickinson

Homozygous refers to having identical alleles (al-le-les) for a single trait. An allele represents one particular form of a gene. Alleles can exist in different forms and diploid organisms typically have two alleles for a given trait. When a species is homozygous with any specific trait, every progeny will carry the same unique characteristic. Progeny are genetically committed pre-birth. In Texas Longhorns every homozygous black traces back to the old black WR bull Don Quixote. Although Don Quixote was not homozygous black his down line progeny, when line bred --- some are. The strength of Showman's homozygous black is the fact he traces 77 times to Don Quixote.

One example of the power of homozygous is the Hereford/Angus cross. Hereford are homozygous white faced and Angus are homozygous poled and homozygous black. When the two breeds mate every calf has a white face, is poled and black.

Below are the first calves sired by Showman.

Spin Off x Showman - 2022 Bull

Spin Off x Showman - 2022 Bull - A true blue roan with black specks all over.

For the last photo below is Showman's full sister born in 2022.

Dance All Night x Showman - 2022 Heifer

Dance All Night x Spokesman - 2022 Heifer

Every sire is a tool. They will produce something, maybe good or bad. Maybe their only value is to get a cow bred, or maybe not. For more info on Showman: Click here

As a tool, if producers are tired of pale colors, light red, dun or dish water colors, Showman will sire black or black speckled. Use him on solid colored cows with weak color hues, with minimal white.

Use Showman for show calves to catch the judges eye. They are colorful and great conformation.

Black speckled and bold brindle are the breed's value colors. These colors, for color lovers are the most marketable. Do not breed Spokesman to brindle colored cows. The homozygous black kills brindles.

Showman is a special tool. Semen is $100. He is AI enrolled #I-2116. Call DCC for orders 740 758 5050.