Tail Bleeding

DCC Ranch e-News #292 - 11-18-22

by Darol Dickinson

This was a demonstration for the 2019 Customer Appreciation Day at Dickinson Cattle Co. Each year several hands-on demos are prepared to educate and help clients to do the business. Tail bleeding can be used for any health testing needing blood. Any person can draw the blood. Many tail bleed for Johne's testing and preg checking.

Raise tail up and locate the 2nd and 3rd vertebrae from the trunk. Note circles.

Right down the mid line about a half inch inside the skin is the main tail blood vein nearly a  quarter inch thick.

Feel the soft muscle dead center between the vertebrae. Right in the middle between the vertebrae is the spot. Go right between the bones straight in.

Be humane, use a very small needle. People using large needles can do nerve damage which may cause a critter to lose future tail use. If you were getting tail-bled, what size needle would you prefer?

Slight pull on the syringe and you have it. If not, pull the needle out slightly and draw again. You are there.

For preg checks only 3 cc needed. That is it, less than a minute if the cow is squeezed tight in a good chute, otherwise might take all day. Bry chutes work perfect for this from standing in the rear or to the side.

When a critter returns to the corral, the friendly cows may ask, what are those little circles under your you-know-what. She says -- none of your business, that is personal.

Always use independant labs. There are dozens all over the USA. The preg check blood lab used by DCC is:

DHI Cooperative Inc.
Box 28168
Columbus, OH 43228
A healthy herd is a happy herd.

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