Pushing Down the Official Scales

DCC Ranch e-News #268 - 2-10-22

by Darol Dickinson

The TLBAA Horn Showcase has been for years an exciting official event for Texas Longhorn large-horn lovers. Satellite measuring sites were staged all across the nation for convenience of entries. Most producers can enter without driving across the nation and be added in the national competition either by a satellite measuring or the final Horn Showcase event somewhere in Oklahoma or Texas. All the measurements are done by approved "horn measuring" judges who have completed the TLBAA judge requirements. An excellent video was produced to define the exact method that all critters must be consistently measured.

Silent Iron, owned by Dickinson Cattle Co, measured at the Ohio Satellite 109.125" tip to tip and weighed 1298 lbs.

The Horn Showcase attracts the most valued cattle in the breed. Both the highest selling cows, steers and bulls show up to prove, officially, their data. These are often the cream of the breed that are not for sale. It is the accumulation of breed genetic values far over any other sale, or show, or futurity. This is the big one.

Over the years many have criticized the breed saying, "you can't eat horn." The Horn Showcase is all about horn and only about horn. Coordinating with the Horn Showcase Committee, the TLBAA Beef Committee, with Charlene Nance Semkin, chair-lady, worked to add a new dimension. Starting with the 2020 event every animal was weighed at the final HS event. Some satellites who had scales also collected both horn and weight data. Now after the second year of both measuring and weighing more of a total animal can be identified. If people want horn, they have data. If they want weight and size, data is available. All this data was published in the January Trails Magazine. If producers demand both weight and tip to tip in one sire, the data is there for them to research.

Official measurer, Ed Callan with 14 hands-on assisting with exact total horn data at the Ohio Satellite. Flair Galore, a Dickinson Cattle Co entry meassured 91.3" tip to tip and weighed 2186 lbs.

Although lovers of beautiful twisty, long-horns will always be excited about the spreads, in recent years the amazing growth of Texas Longhorn lean beef sales has grown exponentially. A great thing for Texas Longhorns -- trends are going away from the overly fattened breeds. That is where the growth area for this very lean breed is destined. With beef, the faster they grow the more profitable. Not every registered critter can be a champion.

Below is a list of all bulls at the Horn Showcase age 3 and over that were weighed as per the Trails data. In order to save hunting through a dozen pages of Trails fine print, here are the official weights as of the 2021 weighing.

Flair Galore 2186 lbs
Bashful 1851 lbs
Jammin Tex 1763 lbs
Gold Mine 1 1686 lbs
JH Rural Safari Son 1642 lbs
Hubbles Jeremiah 1642 lbs
Mr Happy 1628 lbs
MC Hangin' Tuff 1608 lbs
Tuff Trash Chex 1571 lbs
Delta Lucky Ace 1542 lbs
Del Charro 1533 lbs
BR Cracker Jack 1530 lbs
Rebel HR 1528 lbs
Rocket Man 10 1508 lbs
California Chrome 1506 lbs
Riverforks Rais'n Cane 1485 lbs
Tuff Cowboy DC 1470 lbs
Magnum Star Force 1463 lbs
Sniper 1443 lbs
DSCC Cowboy Flair 1431 lbs
Pacific Cowboy 1411 lbs
PCC Run Away Gray 1406 lbs
NDN Scare Crow 1395 lbs
JH Rural Blackout 1386 lbs
Happy 9 1340 lbs
KDK Wildfire 1339 lbs
Stallone ST 1317 lbs
CR Firingline 1305 lbs
BR Jungle Jim 1290 lbs
BOR Double Wrangler 1241 lbx
LL Red Escalante 1105 lbs

Unfortunately some of the satellites did not have scales, which would have made this data much more complete. Many producers hope that will be a serious consideration for 2022.