What About mRNA? The Devil's brew?

DCC Ranch e-News #314 - 4-19-23

by Darol Dickinson

Grave concern is exploding from the new pharmaceutical product "messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) which has been approved for livestock use in Australia, China and New Zealand. Although this injection is not approved in the USA, millions of dollars are being poured into lobbying to get approval. Each needs to know how this injection is transmitted from imported livestock raw meat.

Bill Bullard - President of R-Calf

Imported meats are the most economical in the USA food market due to their lack of health testing required. Over 22% of beef consumed in the USA is imported from other countries. This cheap beef is mostly consumed by government schools and colleges, jails, hospitals, rehab facilities, senior citizen facilities, and government "Meals on Wheels" programs. At this point the only source of consuming mRNA injected meat is imported. It is important to know about mRNA. It is imperritive to resist approval of mRNA technology when it is lobbied into the USA.

Safety is to buy known, for certain, local produced USA meats. Please listen to Bill Bullard with a 5 minute voice message on mRNA.

Click here: Message from Bill Bullard