Getting Started Right

DCC Ranch e-News #329 - 10-13-23

by Darol Dickinson

A little over 56 years ago Linda and I started our little Texas Longhorn cattle herd. There were no magazines, no brochures, only one sale a year, and 30 years to wait on internet. We talked to foundation producers Graves Peeler, Happy Shahan, Charles Schreiner III, Jack Phillips, Henry Butler, Chico Wright, Fayette Yates, Travis Marks and the early inspector Garnett Brooks. To our surprise most did not agree on what a Texas Longhorn should look like, which made things more confusing to decipher for an entry lever producer.

Now after 56 years, with massive amounts of information everywhere, many entry level producers make sizable purchases with no more information than a sale catalog and about 30 words about each animal.

To cut to the chase faster, Dickinson Cattle Company (DCC) has collected and made available, on line, the best of many years of educational articles; the how-to info, and how-not-to. To answer the first and important questions of the beginning producer HOW TO START A TEXAS LONGHORN HERD. There are over 400 articles on the DCC site. In fact the total site has over 14,000 pages, more valid breed information than offered by any other producer or association. It is provided at no charge and everyone can freely profit from it.

For a series of 12 condensed articles on HOW TO START A TEXAS LONGHORN HERD go to this link: (Click Here)

(and part 2 - Click Here)

For over 400 educational articles in the DCC ranch site go to Read experience articles on fence construction, leasing grazing land, minerals, transport safety, receiving new cattle, naming for value, entry level marketing, who to steer, who to collect semen from, mating plans for value, 34 herd sire videos, management, biographies, history, AI, and herd health.

This is info that is quick, profitable and easy. Go for it.