Dragon Pearl--the jewel of Texas Longhorn Females

DCC Ranch e-News #331 - 11-13-23

by Darol Dickinson

DRAGON PEARL is the Texas Longhorn breed's leading dam of over 90" sons, according to data published on www.arrowheadcattlecompany.com. And she has more young ones coming on.

Jimmy The Swede, at DCC, in Colorado. We liked his specks, but had no clue this line of colors was a strong genetic factor originating from one animal of the 1920 African import to Europe.

DRAGON PEARL is a daughter of Drag Iron out of Field of Pearls. She was bred raised and owned by Joel Dickinson.

She weighs 1674 lbs. It is not the intent of DCC to raise all cows this big, however there are thousands of cows in the breed weighing only 600 to 800 lbs, well below the desired size, that need infused with growth genetics. Pearl is the leading producer of over 90" T2T sons with 4 sons over a ton, all natural births. She is also dam of 50 Tulips (87.88") 50 Pearls (82.13") Pearl Magnum (83") and Beastly Pearl, the youngest (72.75"). No other cow has this record in this short time. She is a "cow-tool" unique in the breed. She has 3 great sons available in frozen semen Reckon So, Time Line, Cut'n Dried and now a grand son, Line Up. Every serious herd needs Dragon Pearl genetics in every way possible. To take a closer look at the progeny and data click on  https://www.texaslonghorn.com/inventory/index.cfm?con=id&IDNo=12460&BreedCode=T&Category=Reference_Cow

This family will not be seen frequenting TL auctions, as the people who own them don't want to sell. To see this great family visit Dickinson Cattle Co, Barneville, Ohio. To introduce the Dragon Pearl genetics select semen from any of her 3 sons below, or Line Up, a grand son. Orders shipped daily.

Prior to the influence of Jimmy The Swede most North American Watusi herds were totally red or only had a few white spots. This is the Rare Animal Survival Center, a major importer, in Ocala, Florida, 1979.

TIME LINE, semen $100

This age 4 Watusi cow in the DCC herd traces back to Jimmy 6 generations deep. This is now called the "Swede pattern." The word "Jimmy" came from Jimmy Tarbox and of course Sweden was the birth origin.

RECKON SO, semen $75

Titan Wolf is an AI sire used for semen export who sires strong Swede color in 3 countries.

Cut'n Dried, semen $200

This Watusi in Mexico, although not a perfect Swede pattern, sires many progeny with perfect Swedes.

LINE UP, semen conventional $50, Female sexed $150

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