Chancellor - Photo Number: 1553_6.jpg
Reg.: B-1600
Brand: 114/3
DOB: 3/26/1993
Color: BLK/W
Weight: 1125

(on 12/12/1994)

He is by Chad of FX and out of Robbi Slam. Robbie Slam was by Full blood Salers bull Slamming Royalty and out of Roberta 34. Chancellor really begin to pull the DCCI Buelingo genetics together with consistent quality. He sired great cows and Night Line. Semen $12.00

Sire - Chad Of Flying Cross - Photo Number: 1449_22.jpg
Chad Of Flying Cross
Chilingo Of Flying Cross Yuma A Ca No. 100643
Dino Danny Boy
Biggar Of Flying Cross
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Maisie Of Bridger Creek
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F X Band Aid Buela
Western Sky Sneak Attack
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Robbi Slam Slamming Royalty ASA Slammer ASA
Sonquer ASA
Jolie ASA
Royalty ASA
Royal Blue ASA
Lucette ASA
Roberta D H Showboat Wb
Dennis Shirley Wb
155 Tattoo B-6
Mel Acres Spot 2 Wb
Mr. Johns Laddy Wb
Mel Acres Spot Wb


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