Circle Of Chad

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Reg.: B-2890
Brand: 163/6
DOB: 3/14/1996
Color: BLK/W
Weight: 1150

(on 10/31/2003)

Sire - Chad of Flying Cross - Photo Number: 1449_22.jpg
Chad of Flying Cross
Chilingo Of Flying Cross Yuma
Dino Danny Boy
Biggar Of Flying Cross
Bridger Creek Sam
Maisie Of Bridger Creek
Kilgore Of Flying Cross FX Freighttrain
Davie B Of Tillamock
Vickerman Hill Supreme
FX Band Aid Buela
Western Sky Sneak Attack
Rowsey Sieker Winifred
Circle Of White Ultimate Circle Ultimate
Premier Noir
Dutch Hills Show Boat
Mel Acres Spot 2
Oreo William The Conqueror Wb
Dh Duke Of Albany Wb
Monetle Db
Dh Tresdle Wb5030
Dh Moonbeam Wb
Monetle Db


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