Ring Of Meg

Ring Of Meg - Photo Number: r_800.jpg
Reg.: B-3616
Brand: 205/8
DOB: 5/23/1998
Color: B/W
Weight: 1395

(on 6/14/2006)

Sire - Ring Of Saturn - Photo Number: 1567_36.jpg
Ring Of Saturn
Ultimate Circle Ultimate
Premier Noir
Dh Showboat Wb
Mel Acres Spot 2 Wb
Willow Wye William The Conqueror Wb
D.H. Duke Of Albany Wb
Monetle Db
Black Warpath Miss 539
Forever Of Wye (Red Angus
Blackcap Lady Wye (Angus)
Megan Of Flying Cross Chertwell Of Fx Chilingo Of Fx
Yuma Aca 100643
Biggar Of Fx
Dora Of Fx
Flandreau Of Fx
Damf I No
Dapples Of Fx Master Charge Of Fx
Freightrain Of Fx
Klamath Of Fx
1/2 Angus/1/4 Her/1/4 Short
Big Joe (Angus)
White Faced Cow

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