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Semen: $35.00


He has 79" tip-to-tip horns. One of the great lifetime achievement bulls. He is by Superman, the longest horned son of Overwhelmer. His dam is a Bouncer daughter. Bouncer sired the largest horned steers and horn circumference of any Longhorn bull. Grand dam Kingly Blend is over 60" horn. This flashy pinto stamps a cookie cutter duplicate appearance to his calves that is not seen often. He breeds very small ears, a small symmetrical head, consistent deep red pinto colors and serious horn. Super Bowl was bred and raised by Dickinson Cattle Co., Inc. He is one of the most popular bulls in history. His sons are very coveted with vibrant style. He is a leading sire of 70" T2T sons and daughters. Super Bowl semen sales excel over other bulls of his era due to a great siring ability for value cattle. See him on You Tube.

Superman Overwhelmer Cowcatcher
Texas Toro 60
Calico Gal
Doherty 698
Senor Mulege
Wright #489
She's A Super Lady Measles Super Ranger
Texas Ranger JP
Measles 2849
Texas Arby
Texas Ranger JP
Prothro's 28
Bouncer Blend Bouncer Copy Cat
Bold Copy
Lilly White
Show Girl Ii
Zorro Ranger
Show Girl 58
Kingly Blend King
Royal Mounty
Miss Texas Ranger 262
Crusty Blend
Upper Crust
Rangers Blend

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