Salida Slick

Salida Slick - Photo Number: salida_slick.jpg
Reg.: I-221452
Brand: 27
DOB: 1/1/1997
Color: B/W
Weight: 1780

(on 1/1/2001)

Horns: 61.67

(on 1/1/2001)

Semen: $10.00


He is a very dark brown bull with white specks mostly on the rear quarters. He is very strong to sire the dark minimal white coloration from a mostly white dam. His horn measurement is 68" T2T. He was All Age Grand Champion at the "Heart Of The Rockies Show 1998". He is sired by Gun Man by G-Man. His dam is by Rangago by Zhivago. Salida Slick is believed by many to be the best conformation son of the famous Gun Man. Use him for body length and white cows to reduce white.

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Slicks Little Star
Slicks Little Star
Win My Heart Star
Win My Heart Star
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